Our Services

Capable of managing any part of the product life cycle, we help you with our electronic Product Design and Layout, Development, and prototyping services that empower transformation of ideas from an initial concept to production-ready designs.

Embedded Systems

We have an in house team who can work on cutting edge embedded solution

PCB Design

We can create a new design or shrink your current design into multi layer PCB

Mobile Solution

Android or iOS we can make the device talk to any device

Professional Design

We use powerfull tools like Fusion 360 and Solid Works to generate 3D design of the product

Awesome Support

We give support for clearing the WPS and BIS certification for the design

Clean Code

All our work are well documented for future modification and support to our client

About us

We believe in building products of tomorrow, that work today and set light into the future. With that vision in mind, we started Mekanism Electronics with an aim to become the leading ODM suppliers in the industry and contribute amazing techology to the niche IoT market. Since then, we've worked relentlessly on designing and manufacturing various consumer and industry targeted products. Our strength? The team! We boast some of the most impressive hardware and software engineering talent in the house, and the strong promise to deliver eveyrthing, just the way we offered!

Embedded Systems


Web Design


App Design




The Team

We house an amazing team of Electronics enthusiasts and Clean Code Nazis who know exactly how to print your ideas over silicon and mold it, right till it reaches you with a touch. Here are the people that make it look so easy. Meet our team

Rutwij Makwana

Tronix Geek & Co-Founder

Rutwij looks after our embedded needs

Jay Umretiya

Product designer & Founder

Jay helps us to keep everyone busy

Rakshit Tanti

Software engineer & Co-Founder

Rakshit takes care of software stacks

Amit Tanwar

Support Manager

Amit organises team's effort in order


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IoT Projects


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Fast Support

Contact Us

We’d love to connect with you, tell you more about our products and how we might just bring the right solutions to your fingertips. Whether you’re curious about our work or just wish to discuss technology over coffee, get in touch with us!

We’re always up for building products that add value, and exploring technology that drives innovation. Got work to show off that aligns with our vision, or a feedback that might help us do better? We’re listening.